• Steel Piers
  • Double Pressed Piers
  • Single Piers
  • Drilling Piers
  • Block System
  • Mud Jacking
  • Helical Piers
  • Root Barrier
  • Internal Leak Corrections
  • Internal Tunnels
  • French Drainage
  • Main Line Drain Change
  • Complete Concrete Works


Steel Piers Pressed System:

This second system steel piers style is more trusted. it is placed directly under the beam of the house, it consist of two pipes which makes it a stronger more durable system. The two steel pipes equalize the weight of the structure. In this system we are able to calibrate all the piers at the same time.

Steel Piers Escalated System:

This system has certain disadvantages, one of them being that not all piers can be calibrated at the same time. This system is placed outside of the beam of the home, naturally weaking the pier and causing the malfunctions and instabilities of the pipe that is introduced to the earth, causing a possible corruption by the oxide and weakning once more the pressure of the system.

Double Pressed Piers:

This system is used for both residential structures with two floors and commercial structures. Also is much safer than the single piers, drilling piers and mud jacking, it is much stronger and much more stable, it contains twice as much more force than the systems listed.

Single piers:

This next system is used in residential structures of one floor and pier beam homes. This system should be implemented carefully and correctly to make it reach the concrete cylinders located on the bedrock at the bottom of the home. The depth of the bedrock varies through out the counties; for example in Garland it is normal to be found 25 feet under and in Plano between 6 and 8 feet under.

Drilling Piers:

This system is often used when building a new home and in pier beam homes. It some times is used in the building of retaining walls, also when missused to repair constructions that have moved it can be difficult to get to the bedrock and may have consequences 6 months after it has been installed.

Block System:

This system is exclusively used on pier beam homes.

Mud Jacking:

This system is simply utilized to cover resting openings between the surface of the structure and the earth after the foundation has been repaired. It is also used to level driveways and concrete patios. Although some people may use it as a form to repair any problem they may have with their home foundation, it is not recommendable; it doesn't penetrate to reach the bedrock therefore it cannot support the structure adequately.

Helical piers:

This method is recommended to support concrete walls or concrete barriers, it is implemented hydraulically in the beam of the earth and once in the earth it is held by cables connected to the wall.

Root Barrier:

This is exclusively method for prevent that de roots of trees make any damage to the house's structure producing foundation problems.

Concrete Works:

We are pleased to tell you that we can do any kind of concrete work as Driveways, Patios, Retaining Walls and much more.

Drainage System:
We build or repair drainage systems, both residential and commercial. No one has the best prices and best quality as we do.

Internal Tunnels:
Also we are providing solutions to plumbing problems, suer problems and much more.


We are the only recognized foundation repair company in the county of Kaufman for our high quality services.


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