Rock Foundation Repair Specialist, is a 100% reliable and professional Foundation Repair Company, we are dedicated to the repairing of residential and commercial foundations. We are careful and respectful of your home, not damaging plants, bushes, pipes,, electrical cords and objects that may be at risk during this repairing process. We offer the best services, next to the most recent and up to date technology utilized by men today! Our tools and systems are 100% reliable and to assure you that our job is safe and professional, we offer a life time warranty, as if that wasn’t enough, our warranty is TRANSFERABLE FROM OWNER TO OWNER.

The professionalism, quality of work, and our prices, makes us the ideal solution and accessible for peoples foundation problems.

Warning signs of foundation problems:


  • Cracks in the ceiling or walls
  • Separation of ceiling trim or crown molding
  • Doors that are sticking or have been shaven at the top
  • Cracks in the fireplace
  • Noticeable change in elevation of the floor when walking (slope)
  • Cracks in ceramic tile
  • Tears or wrinkles in the wallpaper
  • Windows that have become stuck or very tough to open/close


  • Cracks in the brick or mortar
  • Expansion joint that widens as it gets higher
  • Corners of siding/soffets that are not flush anymore, but separating
  • Separation of window pane from brick or trim
  • Noticeable separation of caulk from various joints
  • Separation in trim of windows or doors
  • Uneven roof line
  • Separation around garage door, windows and/or walls


We are the only recognized foundation repair company in the county of Kaufman for our high quality services.


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